Note about used equipment:

Generally, B Bunch Co., Inc. does not offer parts, support, or technical service/advice for equipment originally placed in service more than 25 years ago. We also do not support equipment that has been re-built or modified by others or is missing Original Model Number and Serial Number Plates. Additionally many electrical/electronic and other bought out parts have been discontinued by our suppliers for units placed in service after the date above and cannot be supported. Please contact our factory with specific models and serial numbers to determine availability of parts and/or service support.

List of Used Equipment Available Directly from B. Bunch Co., Inc.

(January 18, 2022)

Bunch Gearless 515 Combo Offline Folder*
Bunch Jumbo Multi-stream Folder* (can be remanufactured and offered as Geared or Gearless, upon request)
Bunch 325 FPM Light Duty Geared Sheeter (7 inch to 14 inch cut-off capability)

Units with * are being re-conditioned as time and available personnel permits and can be re-built to customer/purchaser requirements.Other units are available immediately, but subject to time required to modify based on specific customer requirements.

Some units are not available for sale within the EU. Contact Bunch for details.

Terms and conditions of sales proposals will apply and be disclosed with quote.

List of equipment subject to change based on availability.