Used Equipment from Third Parties

Generally, B Bunch Co., Inc. does not offer parts, support, or technical service/advice for equipment originally placed in service more than 25 years ago. We also do not support equipment that has been  modified or is missing Model Number and Serial Number Plates. Additionally many electrical/electronic and other bought out parts have been discontinued by our suppliers for units placed in service after that date and cannot be supported.  Please contact factory with specific models and serial numbers to determine availability of parts and/or service support. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BUY IN THE USED MARKETPLACE.

While there are reputable dealers selling used Bunch equipment, the many horror stories we have heard prompt us to remind you of the following:

B Bunch Co., Inc has sold thousands of folders over the years and each has been customized in some way or another to run with specific presses or to run specific applications. Units have been built for metric presses, 1/8th CP presses,. 1/6th CP presses, and 32 DP presses and unique and specialized presses, collators, printers and other host equipment. Units have been built for use offline with pinfeeds, inline with and without pinfeeds, offline with special adaptions, and for specialized applications such as “stop and go” and full bore. Some units can only run a single width while other units can only run multiple streams. Some units are fixed width. Many older units with wear will not adequately run many of today’s products. Some products can only be run on new customized equipment. Some older customized equipment was only manufactured to run specific products and will not run normal products. Many units can no longer be supported due to lack of parts, including many gearless systems.

Do not assume that one model is equivalent to another unit with the same model number. Most units were somewhat customized.

Many dealers don’t even know what they are selling.

Very importantly, ALL units should be properly evaluated to determine that safety guards and procedures are in place for safe operation. Many units have had their safety guards modified, replaced, or actually removed. No Bunch Equipment should ever be operated without full Safety Guards in place. Many used units no longer have the guards!! This puts you and your employees at risk. A great many units have been substantially modified after leaving our manufacturing facility.

In our opinion, be cautious with any used unit. If the unit is more than 7 years old be exceptionally cautious. If the unit is more than 15 years old, don’t buy it unless it has been factory re-certified.
In other words, you put yourself and your company at risk when you buy old equipment. What seems like a good deal in the beginning, may not be in the end.

B Bunch Company, Inc. sells “Factory Certified” re-conditioned equipment at reasonable prices. We also can quote re-conditioning packages.

Please Contact us before you buy.
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