Specialty Folders

Over the years, B Bunch Co., Inc. has built folders and systems for a wide range of specialty product.

From Fanfolding ham casings to wristbands to ultra short 3” folds to ekg medical charts to air route maps to a myriad of other products.

If it’s a continuous web or stream and its folded, we probably folded it.

Tags, Tickets, Forms, Baggage Labels and tags, transit tickets, sports and entertainment tickets, void fill paper, slot machine tickets, scratch off lottery tickets, bingo cards, medical substrates, rfid substrates, newsnotes for newspapers, coupons, skee ball tickets, greenbar papers, airline and railway tickets, parking lot tickets, and on and on.

Here are just a few of our specialized machines:

Bunch Combo Machine for offline operation – A very narrow stream to a Wide Web, all in one unit.

Bunch Hybrid Chart Paper/Ticket Folder for short folds:

Single Web Jumbo Folder
Multi-stream Jumbo Folder

Bunch Jumbo Folders for extra long folds up to 28 inches in depth
(Available as a multi-stream Folder or as a single web folder, available in geared or gearless versions)

Triple Stream Folders up to 36 inches wide