Bunch Servo Sheeter

for inline or offline operation.



  • Servo Sheeter with a fixed bed knife and rotary shear
  • One position for crush slitting with 2 slitter holders and wheels for trim
  • Cue mark and label gap readers for cut-off registration. Marks or gaps must correspond to cut-off lengths
  • Shingled Delivery and an Internal counter with a slight Jump for batch identification
  • Minimum cut size is 3”
  • Maximum cut size is 17”
  • Maximum web width  20”
  • Minimum web width 2”
  • Maximum suggested speed at 3” is 125 FPM
  • Maximum suggested speed at 17” is 400 FPM
  • Overall length is just under 10ft
  • Width is 48”
  • Height is 48”
  • Delivery table height is a approximately 37” from the floor
  • Cutoff tolerances dependent upon paper types and weights
  • EWON for Servo Diagnostics and upgrades via Ethernet port
  • (charges may apply after first year)

Unwind for Offline Operation
Servo Drive components from Geared or Servo Press
Slitter Assembly for multiple stream operation

Semi-custom Configurations available for different web widths, cut-off lengths, and end of delivery table options.

Bunch Model 206 Sheeter

for inline use with a geared press.


  • Variable Size:
    • Minimum cut off 7″
    • Maximum cut off 24″
  • Maximum web width 20″ (26″ wide version also available)
  • Shear type cut off
    • Stationary bed knife
    • Cut off cylinder with two (2) blades spaced to cut off full or half circumferences
  • Roll away for easy interface with host equipment
  • Stock: 15 lb. bond to 125 lb. tag
  • Shingle Delivery
  • Timing Belt Drive
  • Speeds in excess of 500 FPM
  • Cut off tolerance ± .010″

Bunch 206 Geared Sheeter
with tilt jogger

Bunch 206 Geared Sheeter
with high pile delivery

Equipped With:

  • One (1) change gear
  • Static eliminator

Optional Equipment:

  • Tilt jogger (24″ x 20″)
  • High pile delivery
  • Stream separator, including slitter position with one (1) slitter holder and wheel
  • Electronic counter with marking device or motorized delivery table
  • Change gear for additional circumference
  • Hookup assembly
  • De-Curl Bar Assembly

For production of cut sheets for Laser Printers and other cut sheet products.