Bunch Rewinds – 24″, 40″, 50″ diameters available for laser printers, encoders, pack to pack operations, and presses.

Model 525 Rewind

50″ rewind for tight web printers and presses. Speeds to 1,000 FPM.
Specifications (pdf file size: 216K)

Model 629 50" Rewind

The economical Model  629 Rewind winds up to 50″ diameter rolls of paper with Web Widths up to 22″ from continuous forms printers and other devices.
Specifications (pdf file size: 300K)

24" Unwind/Rewind

A Bunch Unwind Unit with independent drive; web widths up to 20″; speeds up to 250 fpm; 24″ Roll diameter.

Model 516 Surface Driven Unwind Rewind

Easy changeover from unwind to rewind by flipping a switch and re-webbing.
Specifications (pdf file size: 175K)