Paper Processors

Bunch Paper Processors for Roll to Fold, Roll to Sheet, and Roll to Roll Applications Including:

  • Void Fill Packaging Materials,
  • Lottery Tickets,
  • Tags,
  • Tickets
  • Forms

Systems available from 18 inches wide to 32 inches wide.
As these are semi-custom units, contact Bunch for more information.

32 " wide Roll to Fold System

for Void Fill Packaging Materials.

Roll to Fold Lottery Ticket Processors

2 Ply, 2 Stream Void Fill Packaging line

2 Ply, 3 Stream Void Fill Packaging line also available

Roll to perforation to Fold Processing Line

Roll to Fold System

for “short fold” lottery tickets

Micro Processor - 18" wide

The Bunch 18″ Micro Processor, is variable size and is ideal for producing: Base Stock for imprinting, Carrier strips for tip on products, Non-woven garment labels, void fill for packaging.

Mini Processor - 20" wide

Bunch Processors are variable size and may be used to produce base computer stock for imprinting and for center strips, void fill for packaging. Roll to fold, roll to sheet, and roll to roll units are available.


Bunch Processor – 20″, 26″, 30″ wide

For purposes of illustration only, not all photos shown with all guards in place.