Policy regarding Geared Folders on Servo Presses

As a matter of company policy we do not support the use of “geared” folders with servo presses due to the geared folder’s inability to  “correct” to changes in registration from the servo press.  We arrived at this policy after too many customers and manufacturers tried to hook up existing geared folders to  servo presses with varying degrees of success. Invariably we were drawn in to the issues which manifested themselves when folders which were sold for use with geared presses were migrated to functions they were not built for with the servo presses.

Consequently we introduced a line of “servo” or “gearless” folders which have the requisite “auto correction feature” built in so that registration is in the folders and the features of the servo press which allow all sizes to be processed – inch, metric, etc – with slight variations allowing exact, undersize, and oversize lengths to also be folded without significant operator intervention or cumulative mis-folding/jams.  This is the only viable option for consistent folding with a servo press.

Because a customer trying to hook a geared folder up to a servo press is doing something we do not recommend, we do not provide assistance beyond a conversion to a gearless folder, or by selling a new compatible gearless folder.

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