Gearless Multi-stream Folders

  • For inline use with geared or servo presses.
  • For offline use with an optional unwind stand.

Each of these Folders has a range of speeds, features, and accessories to achieve specific product optimization. Available in 1 to 12 Stream Models, in standard range and jumbo range of fold sizes.
The web can be pre-slit into individual streams or as an option, the folder can have a slitter assembly.
As each unit is semi-custom, please consult Bunch for assistance in determining which style is appropriate for your applications.

3 Head, 6 Stream Jumbo Gearless Inline Folder
(can be configured as a 9 Stream unit)
2 Head, 4 Stream Gearless
(can be configured to 6 Stream)
2 Head, 4 Stream Gearless Folder with
belted delivery output for greater efficiency
Dual Purpose Fold System with
2 Heads for 4 stream and an
alternate insertable delivery
table for one single wider web product.
Single Head, Two Stream
(can be configured with a 3rd stream)
Turnbars required.
Offline Single Stream Gearless
Folder for a narrow stream
Gearless Multi-Stream Folder with
special trays for specialized product.
Note – Units can be manufactured with
trays out the operator side,
trays out the back side, or a combination therof.
Many of our Wide Web Folders are also available in wider web Double and Triple Stream Configurations.
Double 20” Wide 600 Shown above.  Also available in a Tripe 26” wide configuration.

For purposes of illustration only, not all photos shown with all guards in place.