Options Available for Bunch Folders

(note: not all options are available for all folder models and types – consult factory for more information)

Electronic Fold Counter

The electronic counter is a pre-determined counter coupled with a motorized delivery table on the spiral (wider) folder. When the counter reaches the desired quantity of folds, it momentarily energizes the motorized delivery which separates the product on the table and indicates to the operator where to break the pack. This counter is integrated into the controls of the servo system.

Spray Marker with Reservoir

If you have a requirement for a visual mark on the product for quantity control, you may order the electronic counter with “spray marker” or “pen marker” in lieu of the motorized delivery table. Spray Marker is water based and may not “stick” to some labels, liners, or materials (shown)

We can also provide the following options for use with the Fold Counter:
Rotating Light
Audible Speaker

Large Fold Kit

This kit extends the maximum fold depth range from 14” up to 17” and consists of a set of spirals and stops.

Small Fold Kit

This kit is available to extend the minimum fold depth range from 7” down to 5” and consists of a set of small  spirals, and stops. (A special 4 Inch kit is also available, consult factory)

Pack Assist (included)

The pack assist option is an added support where the forms fall out from the spirals. This support can be moved laterally to provide optimum “shingle” of the forms on the delivery table given a variety of paper weights and lengths. This is especially useful for “slit & tie” products.

Center Spiral Assembly

Not Available on 590

This is an additional set of driven, timed spirals which are in the middle of the web on the front and back center. These spirals hold the middle section of the web up and give support. This is especially useful for slit and tie product and for both heavy and light weight product.
The addition of this option is highly recommended for “slit tie” product.

Customer breaking apart lanes/streams after common web folding.

Driven Chute Rollers

These are driven rollers which are coated with a material and which grip the product and pull it through the chute before it is released to the fold spirals. Typically product is pushed down into the chute and the spirals grab the material to fold. Some products are so lightweight or flimsy that they will not go through the chute easily. This option allows the product to be pulled through the chute. Certain products such as tyvek, wristbands, plastics, light thermals require driven chute rollers to fold successfully. (Pictured below from bottom of chute looking up)

Descending Stacker

descending stacker

descending stacker lowered

Flip Stacker

Flip Stacker at end of table

Hardened Anvil Cylinder

with “nick slitters” for “slit tie” products
(For offline operation this requires a tight web unwind with a web guide)

Nick Slitter Wheel

Nick Slitters and Hardened Anvil

Top view looking down into folder showing optional hardened anvil cylinder in lieu of standard pull roller. Shown above with seven “nick slitters” with holders and five pull wheels and holders. This configuration requires “center spirals” as well for successful operation.

Coated Beaters, Chute for Friction/Heat Sensitive Products

Some products may scuff due to heat or friction from contact with the beaters or chute. For those products, we can specially coat the beaters and chute with a low friction coating which helps to reduce this scuffing.

beaters and stops

EWON remote access support

An Ethernet port for remote diagnostics and software upgrades via Ethernet port for the servo registration and/or drive system of the folder. Fees for support or upgrades may apply after the initial first year. Only available on Gearless Folders

Gradual Infeed

Some products cannot traverse over infeed rollers without problems, the Gradual Infeed option allows for a less abrupt paper path.

Versatile Chute Package

This option includes a proprietary chute design which allows certain hard to fold products to be folded more readily. This option is offered when difficult product is sent to the factory for testing and its addition will allow better fold results.

Unwinds For Offline Operation of Bunch Gearless Folders

Available for the following roll diameters:

  • Up to 24 inches
  • Up to 32 inches
  • Up to 40 inches
  • Up to 50 inches
  • Up to 60 inches

Consult factory for more information

Folder Accessories

Two-Wheel Dolly Cart System

Attaches to virtually any auxiliary folder/stacker, fills with up to 8,000 one-wide or 16,000 two-wide forms, tilts, and rolls easily away to the mailroom where it feeds the “first in” form directly into mailroom equipment.

Specifications (pdf file size: 113K)

Four Wheel Rollaway Forms Cart

Attaches to the delivery table of the BESTE Bunch Folder or Folder/Job Separator. Rolls away, tilts and easily converts to a Pack Feeder for mailroom equipment. First-form-in, first-form-out capability. Supports up to 20″ wide forms, one- or two-up.

Specifications (pdf file size: 446K)

Roll-Away Descending Stacker

Fits most Bunch folders.

Unwind/Rewind Accessory

Roll Dolly