P R O C E S S O R S   &   M I S C 
Selectable Perforator
The Dual Selectable Perforator and the Quad Selectable Perforator run in-line with continuous output printers, and have the ability to add cross perfo-ration, at a preset point, to any page within the print run.
Specifications (pdf file size: 281K)
Punch and Perf Processor
Adds line holes and page perforation to stock paper. Attaches in-line between roll unwind and printer.
Specifications (pdf file size: 276K)
Pack Collator
Mini Pack, Model 1211, Carbon or Carbonless, Model XP Options: Crash numbering, tapelock, Refolder, 550 Folder, cross perforation, lineal perforation

Specifications (pdf file size: 375K)
Mini Pack Collator
Specification (pdf file size: 369K)
Model 627 Crash Imprinter
For crash imprinting feading changes and marginal words on single and multiple part continuous forms. Variable size for 7″-81/2″-11″ forms, other circumferences available.Maximum web width: 17″