Bunch Unwinds – 24″, 40″, 50″, 60” diameter available for folders, sheeters, laser printers, encoders, and pack to pack operations. Units are available in tight web or  loose web configurations depending upon your requirements.

50" Jumbo Unwind (525U)

24" Unwind/Rewind

A Bunch Unwind Unit with independent drive; web widths up to 20″; speeds up to 250 fpm; 24″ Roll diameter.

Unwinds for use with
Bunch Gearless Folders and
Bunch Servo Sheeters

Simple Unwind – core chuck

Upgraded Cantilever Air Shaft Unwind

Option: On-Off Air with regulator (requires shop air source)

Option: End of Roll Detection with auto shutdown

24 inch Cantilever Unwind

Upgraded 24 inch Cantilever Unwind with integrated air pump.
Tight, dancer controlled web with pneumatic Brake.eb guide.

32 Inch Diameter Roll Unwind

32 Inch Diameter Roll Unwind

for “slit tie product” with the partial slitters in the folder, this unwind requires a web guide.

40 Inch Diameter Roll Unwind

40 Inch Diameter Roll Unwind

for slit tie product add web guide.