T R A D I T I O N A L    F O L D E R S


590 Series

10" 590 Series
The Bunch 590 and 515 Series Folder is used worldwide to fold narrow webs of labels, tickets, and tags. The unit may be used in-line with most types of narrow web presses or off-line with its optional unwind stand. A loop control device is available tofold pinfed product from a host device.

Specifications (pdf file size:  308K)



515 Series

15" 515 Series

Specifications (pdf file size:  396K)




500 Series

with unwind stand.

Specifications (pdf file size: 352K)



600 Series Roll Away Press Folder

Featuring the new Dial In Make Ready System; speeds up to 600' per min. Max web width 20", 28"

Specifications (pdf file size: 226K)


1000 Series

Featuring speeds up to 1000' per min.

Specifications (pdf file size: 200K)

G E A R L E S S    F O L D E R S


Gearless Folder
Narrow Web

Specifications (pdf file size:  229K)




Gearless Folder with
Optional 32" Diameter Unwind







515 Series Combo Folder

Our most versatile gearless folder

Specifications (pdf file size: 464K)




Pinless/Gearless Folder

Renders all other fanfolders for digital printers virtually obsolete.
Specifications (pdf file size: 333K)


M U L T I - S T R E A M    F O L D E R S


Ticket/Label Folder

Specifications (pdf file size: 407K)




3 Stream Ticket Folder
with turnbars and optional electronic counter with spray marker device




4-Stream Ticket Folder
with four delivery trays


Multi-Stream Folder with Insert-able Delivery Table for Wider Single Web Operation

Specifications (pdf file size: 407K)




Ticket/Label Folder

available for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9, 10 stream configurations

Shown- 3 Fold Head, 6 stream unit



Triple-Stream 36" Wide
1250 Series Folder


M I S C E L A N E O U S    F O L D E R S


Bunch Jumbo 600 Folder for
7" to 28" long fanfolds


Bunch Hybrid Chart-Ticket Folder

Variable Size Fold Range 2 inches to 6 inches
No change Gears Required
Web Widths 2.5 inches to 18 inches
For perforated Charts or Tickets
(not suitable for labels.) Inline
Specifications (pdf file size: 1820K)


Special Folder for
3" to 8 1/2" Folds



550 Collator-Folder

Specifications (pdf file size: 352K)



C A R T S   F O R   B U N C H   F O L D E R S



Four Wheel Rollaway Forms Cart

Attaches to the delivery table of the BESTE Bunch Folder or Folder/Job Separator. Rolls away, tilts and easily converts to a Pack Feeder for mailroom equipment. First-form-in, first-form-out capability. Supports up to 20" wide forms, one- or two-up.

Specifications (pdf file size: 446K)



Two-Wheel Dolly Cart System

Attaches to virtually any auxiliary folder/stacker, fills with up to 8,000 one-wide or 16,000 two-wide forms, tilts, and rolls easily away to the mailroom where it feeds the "first in" form directly into mailroom equipment.

Specifications (pdf file size: 113K)



Roll-Away Descending Stacker

Fits most Bunch folders.


F O L D E R   O P T I O N S


Pack Assist Option for Bunch Folders

The Pack Assist is an added support where the forms or labels fall out from the spirals after folding.

Specifications (pdf file size: 257K)



N A V I G A T I O N   H E L P